How To Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage

How To Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage

How To Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage

Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage Feb 18, 2020 No Comments

How To Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage

In India, the concept of love marriage is still unacceptable and alien to them. In these kinds of situations, parents feel way uncomfortable and rather they prefer to have a traditional method of choosing a life partner i.e. termed as arrange marriage. Arranged marriage is carried forward without any interruption but when it comes to young men and young women who fall in love and decide to get married even though parents are not in support.

If you are one of those couples and facing such a problem then don’t worry as there are many practical and magical ways to get your parents convinced without hurting them or yourself. Being part of the independent society you have the right to choose your partner that comprises of their wavelength and you feel connected to the person and there is nothing wrong with it.

It is a lot emotionally depressing when your parents just don’t agree with the love marriage or like the person you love and at the end of the day you need your parents’ blessings and without it, they find themselves upsetting. Here you need to take a stand of your relationship and use these practical tactics or you can simply write a How To Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage Specialist.

However, it is firmly suggested to not take any drastic measures, which might damage your relationship with your parents. In any situation you find yourself encircled in a bad place following these practical rules.

  1. Make yourself sure with the person and your relationship, whether it is worth taking a stand or not.
  2. Give a hint to your parents that you have someone in your life and do not keep it hidden from your parents.
  3. Try to put out your thoughts of marriage in front of parents and let them know what matters in the person, what you want and what are you looking for.
  4. Let your parents know you are responsible enough to make your decision or choose the right person in your life. Moreover, show them that you are mature enough to solve any problems.
  5. Don’t just hassle with your points and decision on your parents rather listen to their perspectives too and make decision according to that.

Even with all these rules, steps and How To Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage, follow these mantras suggested by the astrologers and experts from ages.

Ganesh Mantra

|| Om Shri Ganesham Vidhnesham Vivahaharthe te Namah ||

The above mentioned Ganesh mantra will help you convince your parents without any hindrance. Those who want to do inter-caste marriage can also chant this mantra but they need to know the process and steps. Firstly, they have chanted the mantra 108 times for 11 consecutive days and they have to keep a photo of your loved one and worship them.

To get the right procedure of the Katyayani Mantra for Love Marriage and remedies, consult an experienced astrologer and be in touch with them.