How to Make Rahu Positive

How to Make Rahu Positive

How to Make Rahu Positive

How to Make Rahu Positive Feb 24, 2020 No Comments

How to Make Rahu Positive

As per astrology, Among all the 12 houses, Rahu stays in the seventh house in the predictions. The seventh house shows the effect of the wedding, the calmness of mind, bond in a relationship, issues, or conflicts with the partner. If Rahu dosh starts, then the condition might be worse big disasters happen in life like injuries, monetary losses, and these people face problems in getting married, therefore these people not advisable to get married before the age of 21years. Anyone who is having Rahu dosh in their life they have to suffer a lot in their life.

Rahu can impact a person’s life for 18years. Those who are suffering the harmful effects of Rahu in their life need to be more alert while doing business in partnership; these people will not succeed in trading business can face financial loss because of an active partner. It affects anyone’s life severely, and there is tough to differentiate what is wrong and right and remains mentally disturbed. Rahu also harms health.

Important Remedies of Rahu

There are some essential Black Magic Specialist in India remedies in astrology which help to reduce the effect of Rahu and try to make the Rahu positive. These are the solutions given below:

  • Chant Rahu Beeja Mantra “Om Bhram Bhreem Bhrom Sah Rahave Namah” for 1800 times in 40 days to reduce its harmful effects.
  • Try to stay with the joint family along with parents.
  • Try to feed birds in the morning and evening also helps in reducing its adverse impacts.
  • You can keep water in the southwest corner of your home to reduce Rahu dosh.
  • Worship Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha to give you good luck and helps to reduce Rahu dosh from your life.
  • You should donate urad dal, black chana, coconut, and black cloth on Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Try to wear dark blue color clothes.

Start using silver glass for drinking anything.

  • Keep feathers of peacock along with you. It has a high impact on reducing the harmful effects of How to Make Rahu Positive in your life.
  • Feeding fishes and dogs regularly also helpful.
  • Keep your rooftop and main gate neat and clean, try to hang something artificial toran at your main entrance to reduce its effects.
  • Don’t keep any non-functioning electronic items at home like a clock.
  • You can wear gemstone by taking expert advice to reduce its worse effects.
  • Try to have your meal in the kitchen only.
  • You should keep fast on Saturday and avoid taking any salt on that day also helps to reduce its adverse effects.

Astrologers have more knowledge about planets and stars if you are facing any problem in your life then you should once contact to astrologer and get to know what is exactly happening in your horoscope.  By Vashikaran Mantra for Love applying their solutions, you will free from Rahu maha Dasha in your life.

We hope we help you in providing some useful remedies of Rahu maha Dasha, and you will able to reduce Rahu dosh with the help of the above solutions. Good luck and Stay connected!