Symptoms for a Person Suffering From Black Magic

Black Magic Symptoms

Symptoms for a Person Suffering From Black Magic

Symptoms of Black Magic Jan 24, 2020 No Comments

Black Magic Symptoms

Black magic is a dark art form that is used to entice a person in doing something favourable. The same can be used in an undesirable way too that will harm the person.

Here, we’re discussing some of the common symptoms of the person who is under the spell. Read on this article to understand the main symptoms of the person suffering from black magic.

Before we begin with black magic symptoms, it important to understand that what does it mean by black magic?

What is black magic?

It is a kind of negative energy that enters a human (person’s ) body and causes disturbances in the physical, emotional and mental state of the person. The Black Magic Specialist is bad energy that disturbs the body, mind and soul of a person.

Let’s started and take a look at the main symptoms of the person suffering from a black magic problem.

  1. Nightmares – This is a sure and nerve-wracking symptom if a person is under the spell. They seem to have bizarre nightmares and disturbed sleep. Some people may have insomnia and many others fear to sleep because of fo the nightmares. Somnambulism can also be found in the victims
  2. Feel cold presence – There will be a feeling of someone constantly watching them. They can see shadows moving under the wall and can see some pictures appearing and disappearing. Some strong feeling of someone is touching even when no one is around. They can feel chill to their bones suddenly in the middle of the day even on a hot sunny day.
  3. Financial troubles – People under the spell are mostly a practical failure financially. Their business gets affected soon and they will lose money in an unpredicted way. Financial trouble is also a symbol of black magic.
  4. Health Issues – This is the main cause of black magic, the health of the person will be affected by black magic. On the other hand, the doctor will not able to identify the health issue due to powerful black magic.

Apart from these, there are some other symptoms that can be seen in a person under the spell of black magic. You can see various changes in the behaviours of the person who is under the black magic

  1. They are often not in a good mood. They seem to have drastic mood swings.
  2. Symptoms of anxiousness like stretched fingers, biting nails or red eyes.
  3. Plants like Tulsi and turmeric which are in the house will dry and burn soon in an unnatural way.
  4. Nails will turn black
  5. Victims will segregate themselves in a crowd and always choose to be alone
  6. Pain the back, shoulders, and head will be persistent in the person who is affected.
  7. They will hate to clean themselves and take a good shower.
  8. Person wil be in deep depression and have negative thoughts in their mind.
  9. Person may lose his/her confidence

The above mentioned are the symptoms of a person affected in black magic. We hope the above symptoms will help you in identifying the person suffering from the black magic effect.

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